myCloudWatcher comes to life!

After many years of working on Cloud Computing Projects. I have finally started my own project. The Cloud Watcher project provides Managed Hosting for Cloud Deployment Projects.

So many of my clients have asked me to stick around and watch the servers for them after I finished the New Deployment Process. I enjoy training and Launching new projects. But I find it hard to just walk away and not take care on them after the first "Production Launch" is over.

So was born. Now I Watch many servers in many Clouds. I get alerts and take some actions for the deployments.

The most important feature is that I watch out for new features and trends that could impact your project. You get a team of people that look out for the servers and keep them well utilized and working well.

Process and work flow are very important to me. I feel that SVN Source Control and the Trac Ticketing program are important parts of the life cycle of a Project.

Please come talk to me about your Project needs. I would enjoy watching your servers for you.

Did I just invent WaaS ? Watching as a Service?

Edward M. Goldberg