Memcached AMI - Simple Memcache with a great built-in tool set

The team at NorthScale have done a great job of adding an AMI to EC2 that supports Memcached.

After launching an instance or two I learned that this simple tool makes the whole process of adding the performance of memcached to a deployment easy.

All you need to do is launch this AMI and use the local IP value and port 11211 to get all of the features of memcached 1.4.1. What could be more simple.

Cloud Computing has Special DNS Needs

The whole topic of DNS is a very interesting and complex one.
When you start using a name for your business you have to let people know about your address.
DNS is exactly the same for the Internet.

Your Domain Name provides the starting point for users to see your site.
The next step is to translate that "name" into an Internet Address (or pointer).

The Domain Name Service is how this translation or "look up" is performed.

So far all I have talked about is the general "How To" for DNS.

So what are these Special Needs of the Cloud?

Cloud Front at AWS Amazon - The CDN Service

The AWS service called CloudFront is a great solution for projects that need just a small amount of content. Some of the issues at this point of the Beta Phase is the small number of features this service offers. At this time https: is not offered.

So why use CloudFront and what is it good for?

CloudFront provides service for Static Content to the Web where you have peaks and lows in your needed with a "pay as you go" service.

CloludFront provides international (a very small number of Edges) sites. Better than just one US site for many uses.

CloudFront is very low in cost.

Managed Cloud Servers

I watch and manage Cloud Servers for many users today. Please contact me for services.

Edward M. Goldberg Cell: 916-390-8259
Skype: EdwardMGoldberg

myCloudWatcher comes to life!

After many years of working on Cloud Computing Projects. I have finally started my own project. The Cloud Watcher project provides Managed Hosting for Cloud Deployment Projects.

So many of my clients have asked me to stick around and watch the servers for them after I finished the New Deployment Process. I enjoy training and Launching new projects. But I find it hard to just walk away and not take care on them after the first "Production Launch" is over.

So was born. Now I Watch many servers in many Clouds. I get alerts and take some actions for the deployments.

Welcome to myCloudWatcher

I am building a new service to watch your Cloud Servers.

The myCloudWatcher Project was born out of the need for Managed Cloud Hosting Providers. My project fills the need for many hosting projects.

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