New RightScale Striped EBS Volume MySQL V2 Templates

New RightScale Striped EBS Volume MySQL V2 Templates

The new mySQL Template that RightScale calls "V2" takes all of the great features of the basic V1 RightScale MySQL EBS server template and provides a disk interface with RAID-0 EBS Stripes.

Let me provide a bit of background for readers that might ask;

Why stripe EBS?

What do you have to gain?

The reply is SPEED. Each EBS provides a level of Cache and IO Performance. When you use several (4 or so) you get more speed. Yes it is a bit complex to keep all of these attached devices attached and work with SNAP management. But that is where the RightScale scripts take over.

For the user of the DB all you see the faster IO rates and lots of Cached write performance on peaks.

You will probably get more, but at least 2x over a single Volume mySQL Server, or RDS instance.

The cost is Zero! You pay for each Gig of storage at the same rate in one chunk as you do for 4X 1/4 of the total. As for why this is true you will have to ask AWS why they limit the performance of each EBS Volume and 4 Volumes works faster in a RAID-0. It just does work faster.

If we had used real disks with platters and heads, RAID-0 would be a no-brainier.

Now in AWS Clouds we have RightScale Strip RAID-0 for speed. Good work RightScale.

All of the new Database Servers I launch are now "V2" servers.

Let myCloudWatcher help you Launch RAID-0 EBS servers for all of your needs, not just mySQL.