myCloudWatcher - Service Description

myCloudWatcher provides Managed Cloud Hosting today.

We provide Cloud Deployment support that transitions into 24x7x365 Monitoring, Alerts, and Escalations for the life cycle of your projects.

myCloudWatcher implements “Best Practice” back-up solutions for your projects, including on-going challenges to your back-up systems.

Our team of Cloud Computing veterans, Cloud Specialists and DBA’s are available by phone. We manage your outside services such as ProjectLocker, New Relic, DNS Made Easy, GoDaddy. We provide convenient consolidated billing of cloud services, including DNS, CERTs, AWS, RackSpace, Monitoring, and API; we also manage your renewals. myCloudWatcher has the advantage of seeing the broad landscape: millions of users, thousands of servers, hundreds of projects....Visualize the trend.

Services Provided

  • GoDaddy
  • - Small low end servers for low cost needs.

  • RackSpace - CloudServers, CloudFiles, CDN
  • - Great for a fall back server farm.

  • AWS - EC2, RDS, Database Servers, DBShards
  • - The servers in the main farm.

  • Various ISP Servers
  • Life Cycle

  • New product updates (code push)
  • Back-ups
  • Server Rotation
  • Auto-scaling
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Alerts, Monitoring, and Escalations

  • myCloudWatcher continuously tunes all alerts to you application needs to provide early warning and trend analysis
  • Our detailed trend analysis of your deployments are road-maps for 100% availability
  • Our high level view of the internet allows us to distinguish service level problems from individual deployment problems. "Is it Facebook's issue or is it my game?"
  • Implementation of Best Practice for Back Up Solutions

  • Back Up strategy challenged to test for accessibility and integrity
  • myCloudWatcher goes beyond the quick-fix to root cause analysis, focusing your engineers to quickly resolve the issues
  • Detailed root cause analysis translates to fast and precise disaster recovery
  • What you need

  • A full customer support person that is just a phone call away.
  • Direct contact with cloud specialists that are cloud computing veterans, including DBA's
  • A person to call that can see The Big Picture for advice and Disaster recovery help.
  • One-stop Shopping

  • Management of Outside services such as New Relic, DNS Made Easy, GoDaddy, and more
  • We keep track of your many subscription renewals
  • Consolidated billing: One bill for DNS, CERTs, AWS, RackSpace, and an aggregation of monitoring systems.